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We’ve been writing for adult and mainstream sites full-time, six days a week, for a long period of time, following the instructions, respecting the deadlines and making sure that everybody is satisfied. It’s a pleasure hearing that we’ve contributed to the growth of our clients’ company and/or site. LetterTwenty7 has much more to offer than just writing, even though that is our main activity. Please scroll down to see what we can do for you.

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Large Tube Sites

We’ve been writing a lot for very big tube porn sites. This is where you can see our level of creativity and thinking outside the box. Our goal is to describe the videos in a very fun and Google-friendly way, use many synonyms and adjectives, and make the visitor feel more ‘connected’ to the content.

Review Sites

Best Porn Sites

Before making a decision which paysite you want to become a member of, it is crucial to learn more about the website itself. That’s when our paysite reviews come in handy. We explore the site, see what it brings to the potential customer, check the videos&photos, prices, quality, and write a useful review.

Popular Pay Sites


Premium content always demands premium words! One of the best examples are porn pay sites. Not only that we write reviews about the aforementioned sites, but we are also directly responsible for editing the written content that you can see on the site itself. It’s a pleasure writing for the ‘premium users’.

Mainstream Sites

Are you promoting medicines, flash bulbs, Amazon products, keyboards, branded watches, fashion items, e-cigarettes, penis pills, HGH, do you need viral articles? Our brains and fingers have been trained for years to write such articles that your website visitors will love.

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Just our two cents.

From time to time we like to sit back, relax, and write something for ourselves. These are mostly articles about improving your typing skills, how to be a successful internet entrepreneur, what to eat and how to exercise properly, especially if you are spending too much time in front of a monitor, or monitors more likely…

Who knows, maybe you like what we have to say. Let us know.

What Our Blog Is About


How to Learn Touch Typing

No matter if you are a writer, or just use your keyboard to chat on Facebook, Skype, or to Tweet every day, there’s no doubt that it is always a good thing to know how to type faster. Gamers know what I’m talking about.

Our writers are trying to become faster at typing, but at the same time they need to keep the quality level high! One of the ways of accomplishing this is by learning how to become an expert in touch typing.

Here’s a tip from us – no matter how many times you make a mistake, don’t look at the keyboard! Just keep going… Eventually, you will not make many mistakes, and the speed of typing will increase. And here is why – the keys are always going to stay where they are now. There’s no need to look down!


One of the ways to learn touch typing is by playing the game in which you need to ‘kill the ghosts’ by typing out the words you see on the screen. Try it now – it’s addictive. Good luck! 🙂

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Is The Webcam Industry Becoming Bigger Than The Porn Business?


Coming as an arguable fact, but there are reasons to think that the webcam industry has a lot of potential when it comes to surpassing the success that pornography has had over the years. The webcam industry in general is blowing up by the minute and there is no telling where the whole situation is capable of going. There are a lot of indicators which say that it is most definitely going to reach a high of popularity that is going to surpass everything that porn has been doing over the years. So, why is it so likely that the webcam industry is going to become bigger than porn?

Well, first of all, the webcam industry is a relatively new thing when it comes to the subject of cyber sex. It can be considered a type of pornography, and although the two niches are pretty alike, there are certain differences that give the webcam industry a better start rather than porn itself. For instance, pornography is a much easier target when it comes to piracy. You cannot record a private webcam session and post it online as easily as you can do with a porn clip, and you definitely do not have the need to do so because every webcam session or private session is fit for the needs of the viewer which is taking part of the chatting experience. So, in other words, every webcam session is different and it is most suitable for the one that is paying for it in particular.


The second thing that makes it so popular and gives it so much potential is the fact that every webcam session is original. You can find a lot of porn that is similar to other clips and the storyline is usually the same. This makes it boring after a while which is not the case with a webcam session. Chatting with a model gives you the opportunity to be in control regarding what is going to be happening next. Porn doesn’t give you that opportunity which limits the whole experience greatly. As it is stated above, every private webcam session is a unique experience which stands on its own. You can pirate it and post it online, but the viewer that’s watching the clip won’t feel close to what the viewer watching it live felt because you cannot participate in a video contrary to the private chat itself.

The growing potential comes from the originality of the whole webcam experience and it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are starting to favor it over pornography. It’s quite easy to understand that people enjoy an interactive sexual stimulant rather than just watching a video that they find likeable. You don’t have any limits when enjoying a webcam session which makes the whole thing a lot more interesting contrary to the boundaries you have while watching a porn video. The potential of the webcam industry is growing and it comes as no surprise that it has the opportunity to surpass pornography popularity-wise.


Wanna Watch A Movie?

Let’s see what Hollywood is offering these days…

The Hateful Eight

After the Civil War, Warren the bounty hunter, was transporting bounties to another town with seven other people. When a huge blizzard hit them, they tried to set their differences aside, and hide from the storm in a covered wagon. Paranoia soon took over and made these people very distrustful.


The Revenant

This is an adventure movie, that follows one man, Hugh Glass, in the 1820s who tries desperately to survive after he got brutally attacked by a bear, and left alone in the cold wilderness. As the hatred grew, he tried to track down the guy who abandoned him, before going back to his family.



The story follows the life of a young woman named Joy, and her messed up family, as she faces betrayal, treachery and the difficulties in life. Joy became her own boss, and funded a huge successful family business, along with the help of her loving ex husband, divorced parents and a lot of friends.

After Wade, who is working with the Special Forces, got diagnosed with a deadly disease he was ready to try anything that will prolong his life. Following the series of experiments that were done to him Wade acquired the incredible powers that cured him, and he became the antihero called Deadpool.

The Danish Girl
This romantic British film follows the life of a young artist Einar Wegener, in 1920s, who wants to go through a life changing medical procedure, that would make him a man. Einer and his beautiful and a very supportive wife Gerda move to Paris, to undergo the first ever female to male operation.


Dirty Grandpa
Marrying his boss’s beautiful daughter will help a lawyer named Jason Kelly have a partnership at the law firm. But just before the marriage was set, he got tricked and had to take a road trip to Florida with his foul-mouthed grandfather, who was also a former army lieutenant named Dick Kelly.


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