SEO for porn sites - is it a thing?


Imagine putting your heart and soul into creating the perfect blog, only to get no traffic. You could be the best writer in the world, but without proper SEO for porn sites, you won’t get anywhere. This is especially true for porn bloggers in today’s digital age. Everyone is trying to find the hottest porn websites where they can just enjoy themselves. 


Most of us do not enjoy reading about porn, mainly because we’ve never actually encountered a good porn blog. This is not what people often search for. Thus, for you to get on that online map, you need to utilize the most powerful tool. SEO for a porn website! 


For those of you who’ve never heard about SEO or you don’t know much about it, don’t fret. This is where our porn writers step in. Are you familiar with LetterTwenty7? No? Well, we are about to make your life much easier with our adult content writing services


Even if you know nothing about blog optimization, you can still easily reach your target audience. How? Hire our writers to do all the heavy lifting for you. 


We don’t go in blind!


Regardless of your blog topics or the manner in which you write, our writers do their research. We understand that every client is different. Thus, we’ll always accommodate your personal preferences. If you prefer certain writing styles or if you want your text to be written in character, do not worry. That’s our specialty. 


Some clients often worry that we might not be familiar with the topic in question. But rest assured that LetterTwenty7 has heard and seen it all. We’ve been in the business for quite some time and have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. You could say that there’s little to no chance that we won’t understand the topic you’re eager to share on your blog.


That said, we do our research 100% of the time. Our porn blog writers never go in blind. Instead, we do our research to ensure that we stay on topic and provide you with the highest-quality content. Even if your topics are rather peculiar, we are here to do our research and give you the best possible output. 


Our optimization techniques work


We use all sorts of techniques to help your blog website rank higher in SERPs. Our goal is to make your blog informative while also making you more visible online. All while we follow the instructions you’ve provided. Our porn writers are open-minded and ready to work hard. So, whatever you have in mind, shoot!


The optimization techniques we use start from the very title. Did you know that the title tag is one of the most crucial elements? The title will tell search engines what your page is about. It should be concise, descriptive, and informative while containing your target keyword. Then, we move on to header tag optimization, adult keyword optimization, internal linking, etc. 


The importance of constructing a good meta-description


More often than not, people forget how important it is to have a good meta description. This summary won't affect the SERPs, but they do affect the users. Usually, when we browse for random stuff online, we check out the meta before visiting the website. The users that come across your website will do the same. 


So it’s pretty obvious why your meta description needs to be written properly. Metas must be concise and contain the target keyword while staying descriptive and engaging. Now, that is a lot to remember, considering that meta descriptions are brief. You’ll be happy to know that our porn description writers excel at that, too!


Staying up-to-date


Today’s world is changing rapidly. SEO is constantly evolving. Bloggers need to stay up-to-date with those changes. This way, you can stay ahead of your competition. Of course, this can be a lot to follow. Sometimes, you don’t have the time and energy to deal with everything that comes with owning a blog website. 


That’s why you should hire an adult writer instead. At, we provide you with a team of skilled creative writers who’ve done it all. We’ve written sex toys reviews, descriptions, titles, articles, and even blogs. With so much experience, we’ve definitely covered all kinds of erotic topics. But even if our writers are not familiar with a certain topic you focus on in your blogs, we are happy to learn. 


A writer tailored to your needs


You’ll have a dedicated erotic content writer who will work on your task. This way, if you provide us with a long and specific task, our writer will learn and adapt to your needs. However, even if you are just here for a smaller job, we are still happy to help.


Do you want WordPress porn blog posts? Or are you just looking for basic text so you can do the editing yourself? Your wish is our command. Regardless of where and how you want us to write blogs for you, we are here to always deliver on quality and even quantity. If your task is huge but needs it ASAP, we can assign multiple writers to it instead. This way you can rest assured that it will be delivered on time. 


Letter Twenty7 values quality, quantity, and punctuality. We always provide our clients with the estimated arrival time of their orders. This way, you can plan your posts accordingly. 


Summary - No SEO, No Money


SEO is a crucial aspect for any blogger. If you own an adult blog, you might not get as much traffic as other blogs, which is to be expected. Most people who search for porn are here to enjoy watching the content, not read about it. That said, there are many individuals who do want to read interesting porn topics and others who might change their minds about reading when they encounter good content. 


Thus, knowing how to put yourself on the map is important. This is not easy, which is why LetterTwenty7 will provide you with experienced writers who will do all the work for you. Our porn writers use various SEO techniques to deliver the best results. In doing so, we can easily boost your traffic and help you establish a strong online presence.