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One of the things many people wonder is how we come up with such creative porn titles and descriptions. Most people don't even know such a job exists, but hey, someone has to do it. We don't mind logging in to your porn site's CMS and watching videos or galleries before we write unique titles and descriptions. 


Coming up with porn titles might seem like a pretty hard thing to do, which might be the case for people who aren't experienced porn writers, but not for our team! Everyone who's a part of Letter Twenty 7 has years of experience, especially when it comes to porn tube titles.


This might seem like the easiest task out of them all, but is it really? Ask yourself how many times you would be able to write a title for the same or similar scene before you run out of ideas. That's what makes writing such titles art, if we can call it like that. So, what's the secret behind writing great porn titles that are hard not to notice?


How to choose the right adult keywords


If you look at the list of synonyms for the most popular terms in the adult industry, you will learn a lot of new words for the things you are looking for. However, sometimes, doing too much can actually hurt your business, and we're going to give you a few examples of things that can be avoided if you hire an adult writer.


What do most porn enthusiasts do when they come to a porn site? They most likely check out the home page, and if they don't find something intriguing, they turn to the search bar. Now, here comes the fun part.


Which keywords do most people look for? They stick to the basics. So, if someone likes big boobs, he or she is going to look for those exact words. Sometimes, they might look for big tits, but that's about it. That's why we stick to using the words known to most people when writing porn titles. Imagine coming across keywords such as huge melons or throbbing schooling. What the fuck is that?


We know what those words mean, but put yourself in the shoes of your typical porn enthusiasts. They know just a couple of words that usually give them precisely what they want and maybe a couple of modern variations of those words.


My porn tube videos have better titles than yours!


Why would you bash your head against the wall trying to come up with new words to describe a scene where a busty blonde girl gets all of her holes fucked. You should only use the words that are going to be searched. That's the biggest secret behind writing excellent porn tube titles.


Writing descriptions is a bit trickier because more words should be used. You must think of a way to describe a scene perfectly without dulling it. Well, the members of the LetterTwenty7 team learned the most popular terms and what people love the most by doing porn site reviews, amongst many other things. Thanks to years of experience, writing a concise yet exciting description has become a no-brainer task.


Now, you have to ask yourself one question. Who would do a better job? You, a person who focuses on creating mind-blowing scenes many people worldwide enjoy watching, or an erotic content writer who's been doing that for over five years, and some even longer?


The answer is pretty clear, so if you need someone to come up with creative porn titles that will attract more attention, you know what to do!


Short, medium, and long… We tell your story!


It's no secret that a title MUST be creative if it's short. The chances of someone clicking on a video that just says "girl sucking a dick" are much smaller than checking out a video with a title such as "throat queen wakes up her boyfriend."


If you give us more room to work with, we can come up with longer titles that include multiple keywords that are essential for Adult SEO but will also stand out from all the random titles many inexperienced porn description writers come up with.


Going with the long titles can be pretty risky because sometimes, those titles start looking a lot like descriptions. As stated before, doing too much can sometimes have the opposite effect. So, if your title has too many words, it might not be displayed while on the home page, and most users won't even bother checking out what the rest of that title says.


So, whether you need help with one type of title, or the other, one of the LetterTwenty7 porn blog writers will know how to do it properly. You just have to tell us what you want, and we will do it!


Try our free list of 10+ ways to write porn descriptions


It's hard to give you only one answer to this question because there are many different ways to write a title. Everything can sound good if you know what you are doing when writing a title!


Sometimes, you simply describe what's happening... One of the worst things you can do is write a title that sounds like, "She starts sucking a dick, and then she gets fucked." This does give you pretty much all the information you need about the scene, but do you know how many such titles exist on the Internet? The answer is too many! If you try going with that title, your porn video will get lost, and the chances of finding it will be almost nonexistent.


Instead of making those beginner's mistakes, our porn list site review writers try to mix things up a bit, using adult keywords most people search for but also using them in an order that's going to stand out from the rest. Finally, you end up with high-quality porn titles that are going to describe a scene partially but also make people want to investigate more in order to get all the information they were hoping to get right away. We created a list of 10+ ways to write amazing porn titles! Feel free to message us and we'll send it to you for free. 


People or AI?


One of the most important rules when writing titles or descriptions is not to use a script or AI. You must be wondering why because that seems like the easiest way to come up with plenty of titles in minutes.


Well, what do you think happens when you keep using the same script for a while? You end up with many titles that sound similar and don't give you enough information. Basically, you would get a lot of text but not nearly enough information. Is that what you want? Of course, it's not! 


So, what's the conclusion here? has a team of experienced adult content writers who have been writing porn in CMS (KVS, Mechbunny, etc.) for many years and have had the chance to come across many different examples for titles and descriptions. They rely on their experience to develop new creative descriptions that will suit your videos perfectly, but they also try to keep up with the current trend, which changes fast in the adult industry!


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