How we approach the process of writing porn site reviews


Adult content writing is quite straightforward. But it's not for everyone. Writing SEO-friendly porn site reviews requires you to look at things from the user's POV. In my experience, this is what many struggle with


What does this mean? Well, imagine you are reviewing a porn website that focuses on a specific niche you dislike. In your review, you can't always talk from your perspective. You have to put yourself in the reader's shoes. You know, the ones who like the niche. I think that those who are unable to do this shouldn't write porn reviews in general.


On the other hand, you also need to focus on porn SEO. If you don't, you won't get any good traffic. When writing website reviews, I focus on several elements. So far, I have yet to encounter any issues attracting traffic while simultaneously providing good content for the readers.


Here, I will mainly talk about how I approach porn site reviews. Most of our porn writers have a similar approach, too. However, this approach can vary depending on our client's expectations/wishes. Sometimes, the clients are not looking for SEO content - they're not too focused on the keywords, for instance. It's rare, but it does happen. 


Even in those cases, I always try to implement the basics of SEO for porn sites. All while respecting what my client asked for, of course. So, here is a detailed overview of my process when writing porn reviews.


Who is my audience?


As I've mentioned, porn reviews are different. Usually, you cannot review the content of an adult website entirely from your personal POV. The first thing I consider is my audience. For example, if I am reviewing a hentai website, I'm talking from the perspective of a hentai enthusiast. 


I won't focus much on the design if it's a free hentai site. Instead, I'll mainly focus on the content that the website offers. Why? Well, most people who search for free porn content don't care much for the aesthetics. After all, free adult sites are known for their quantity rather than quality.


Of course, I will still mention the site design. It's always good practice to mention a little bit of everything. I focus on the positives and negatives that actually impact the visitors. 


While I consider my audience, I like to explore the site independently. I check out all the links, videos, and other site content. People can't review a site without actually experiencing it, right?


Keyword research


Before I start my adult content writing, I will research the keywords. Good porn keywords will bring you a lot of traffic. The three main things to consider are the keyword search volume, intent, and competition. 


I can do this manually or use a keyword research tool that will do it for me. I'll write down the keywords that will work for the website I am reviewing, thus ensuring that the review attracts your target audience. Sometimes, our clients provide me with the KWs they want me to implement instead.


Website introduction


I like to start reviews with a simple website introduction. Sometimes, I throw in a joke or two to get people interested. This is where I start planning/implementing the adult keywords, which often make or break the review's traffic. 


A website introduction should be straightforward. If a website is oddly boring, I spice things up with a story about my personal experience visiting the site. Of course, you never want to be too rough immediately. I start lightheartedly and then get into the details a bit later. 


After the site introduction, I am already planning the future subheadings. This makes it easier for readers to find the section that interests them the most. Sometimes, I write the subheadings ahead of time. Then, I can change them down the line if necessary. But this gives me a good outline of what I should discuss. 


Reviewing the design


I prefer to mention the website's design. Usually, I do so with 1 - 2 sentences. Other times, I might get into more details. For example, if the design is absolutely atrocious or requires a manual to get it to work. People should know what they are getting themselves into, right?


Sometimes, I focus on entirely different aspects. If the site's color scheme gives me a headache, I'll probably hint at that. Of course, I also mention whether the navigation works, how it works, and if anything doesn't work.


There is a different approach when reviewing free or premium porn websites. I am much more easygoing with free options. At the end of the day, you are still left with free content, even if the design sucks. The premium websites require payment, so I expect them to have top-notch aesthetics and features.


Purpose of the site


I reviewed many websites. Not all of them were related to porn. This section mainly applies to websites not only designed to provide you with content. A good example would be the Snifffr blog I reviewed


Snifffer is mainly a website where users can buy and sell used panties. But it has another purpose. The blog section allows you to promote yourself. Though, this will only work if you know how to implement SEO for porn websites. 


I start with a couple of jokes and a straightforward website introduction. I then go on to explain that I will be focusing on the blog section of the website. The following paragraphs explain how blog promotions work on Snifffr specifically. Of course, I talk about the option of buying and selling panties down the line, too. 


Discussing content


For porn websites, content is everything. Most people can get over the fact that a website looks like absolute garbage as long as the content it provides is sexy. This is why I take my time to explore the site's content. But as I've mentioned twice, I do so from a reader's POV. I assume that if you are reading a hentai review, you are actually into hentai. 


So, I put my prejudice aside and focus on whether the website offers what it promises. I like to test out the content beforehand. For example, if I am reviewing a porn game website, I will play the game. I research to see what other people think about the game, too.


Innocent Witches is a good example. Personally, I am not too fond of hentai games. But I took my time playing this one. Team Sad Crab developed the game. It is a free RPG that resembles the world of Harry Potter. I played the game twice, actually.


I started by playing just for the gist of the naughty aspect. In the second playthrough, I focused on game details, text, controls, etc. I separated the review into a couple of sections to make it easier for the readers to find the information they want. 


However, if I am reviewing a porn website, then my focus shifts. People visit porn websites for self-pleasure. Here I like to focus on the design and ads, along with porn tube titles, video quality, and other things. 


While reviewing the Stuffers subreddit, I explored all the aspects of the website. I talked about the feederism fetish right off the bat. This way, if you click on the review out of curiosity, you'll know what Stuffers actually offers. Don't like the feederism fetish? You can click away.


After the introduction, it was time to get down to the nitty and gritty. Although I do not understand the point of the fetish, I explored the subreddit thoroughly. I decided to learn more about feederism and the aspects people enjoy. This helped me know what approach to take and what to discuss here. 


I never review websites I don't understand. If a website covers a specific topic or a niche I've never heard of, I'll research it. This brings me back to the first sub-section. Before delivering good adult content services, I must understand the website and my audience. 




How effective is the website? Every site has a purpose. Even a porn site; its purpose is to make you feel good. How effective was the website in helping me accomplish my goal? I wouldn't say I like to sugarcoat my reviews. I will tell the readers if a website does a terrible job. 


Sometimes, I do it jokingly; other times, I'm pretty blunt. This all depends on my client. Let's not forget that our adult content services are tailored to the client's wishes. Want me to make it sweet? Or do you want me to be honest? At the end of the day, I will consistently deliver the content you requested. 


Approaching the negatives


This can be a touchy topic. Nobody wants to read the negatives of their website. I like to approach the negatives of a site I am reviewing in three ways. The first one is the simplest. I can just ignore them. If the negatives are not too much in my face, why even mention them? 


The second way is by mentioning the negatives with a subtle spin. For example, instead of saying, "This website is bad because…" I'd say, "This might not work for you if…" This way, my statements are not that negative. They are just descriptive. 


The third way is to tell my clients what I really think. If a client wants me to review a website with no positives, I'll definitely let them know. So far, this has yet to happen. But it's always better to be honest and upfront if it does. After all, client satisfaction is my top priority.